The Company was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on June 21, 1890 under the Companies Act, VI of 1882 to acquire the goodwill, property and assets of the businesses carried on by M/s. George Frederick Pinney. Pursuant to a Special Resolution passed and confirmed on April 15, 1921 and April 29, 1921 respectively, new Articles of Association were adopted. McLeod & Co Ltd were later appointed as the Managing Agents of the Company and from August 15, 1960, they were appointed as the Secretaries & Treasurers of the company. The management of the company remained with them till the abolition of the System of Managing Agency and Secretaries & Treasurers on April 3, 1970. Thereafter, the Company has been under the management and supervision of its Board of Directors. The present promoter of the company acquired the shares from McLeod & Co Ltd in the year 1988 and has thereafter been associated with the Management and operations of the Company.


Tyroon Tea Company Limited (Tyroon) is involved in the manufacture of quality CTC and Orthodox teas. The company's tea estate is located in the Jorhat district of Assam, which is a quality tea-producing belt. The company's tea estate has an aggregate grant area of 922 hectares, of which, 680 hectares is under tea cultivation. The company has a centrally located factory with installed capacity of 1.5 million kgs of tea.

Tyroon's soil ranges from sandy to silty sand and the garden has nurtured pedigree clones such as S3A3, S3A1, T3E3 and TV1. Tyroon is also developing sections with quality orthodox clones such as P126 and Teenali 17/1/54 to augment its quality of orthodox manufacture.

The Company is listed on the BSE and Calcutta Stock Exchange.

List of Directors & KMP

  1. Mrs. Indra Jalan (Promoter Director)
  2. Mr.Anirudha Jalan (Promoter Director)
  3. Mr.Sridhar Issar (Independent Director)
  4. Mr.Sanjay Kejriwal (Independent Director)
  5. Mr. Sriprakash Jalan (CEO)
  6. Mr.Keshab Chandra Mishra (Company Secretary & CFO)

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